• October 11 2014

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  • March 24 2014

    Sharing a hackathon project from back in 2011. It was hosted by Google and the goal was to make something using Google API's. I put together a quick Maps+YouTube mashup that uses location detection to show you the most recent YouTube videos posted around your location. Check it!





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  • November 01 2012

    From Hurricane Sandy

    Manhattan post-hurricane Sandy. All of lower Manhattan still in blackout...just mind-blowing.

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  • June 06 2012

    Bitponics is how I want to help make the world a little better: by making it more green. By making it easier for everyone to have their own thriving garden. By helping people share their passion for plants, learn from others, and share their knowledge. This is how we move humanity forward: by making easy & commonplace what was once difficult & rare.

    This is my go of it. Building what I'm most passionate about in the world. This first hydroponic-oriented version is just the beginning. I want to help every garden thrive, whether it's indoors, outdoors, water-based or soil-based.

    If you've ever wanted to have your own flourishing garden but just don't know how, or don't have the time for it, support Bitponics. I promise we'll get you there.


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  • February 27 2012

    From Plants
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  • February 18 2012

    From Plants

    As I was transplanting my spearmint today, I noticed that after only about 5 weeks of growth these things are already sending out runners. Sneaky! Fun seeing something that normally occurs underground, entirely out of sight.

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  • July 23 2011

    From Street Photography

    An opened fire hydrant at South 3rd and Rodney. It was midnight and there were a bunch of people still sitting in lawn chairs by the spray, and like 10 kids running around, sliding down the street on milk crates and shooting everyone with water guns. A mother happened to get a quiet moment to herself.

    Summertime like only NYC can do :)

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  • July 11 2011

    UPDATE 10/01/2011: Bitponics now has a home! http://bitponics.com. Michael Zick Doherty and I have teamed up, and I'm super-excited to be collaborating with someone with his hacking skills. Also, Bitponics as a concept has been pared down to just the sensors+software. Its focus is on the elements that will be helpful to more growers, as a drop-in add-on to any existing hydroponics system. I'll continue blogging about my progress with my containers here though. Stay tuned...to everything!

    From Plants
    From Plants

    This is a prototype of a what I call a "bitponics" system. Basically, data + plants (and maybe + fish). The video and photos above show what I've got running so far:

    • A container design, currently based on 1/8" acrylic. The containers have a sloped bottom that drains to one corner.
    • A frame design, currently built using wood beams and chain. It works for now, but I would like to figure out a leaner way of suspending the containers.
    • A reservoir made with 1/4" acrylic sheeting. It fits a little under 10 gallons.
    • An Arduino posting sensor data (currently only a light sensor) out to a node.js web server, and a web page connected to that server over socket.io showing a live graph of the sensor data. The datastore is mongoDB. (+5 buzzword combo!) The end of the video shows the Arduino posting data every 2 seconds, and you can see that my hand waving over the light sensor caused a dip in the graph.
    No plants or aquatic life yet. I was inspired by the systems at http://windowfarms.org, but wanted to make something with a safer plastic that wouldn't leach chemicals into the solution, and I also wanted a fun way to direct the flow of water through the containers.

    My goal for this project is to use technology to enrich and simplify the hydroponic/aquaponic growing process. Hydroponics is an activity that, to do optimally, requires continual monitoring of numerous variables (light, temperature, pH, nutrient concentration, water level, etc). Monitoring, logging, and adjusting these variables is definitely something I struggle to keep up with. So this is an attempt to build a system that can aid in its own maintenance, by streaming data about itself to the web and alerting the user whenever maintenance needs to be performed.

    I hope to add more sensors in the coming weeks and months, but I still have a lot to learn. If you have any experience in this area, I'd love to hear about it!

    If there's interest, I'll eventually tidy the source code up and post it on github.

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